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The Ford Wagon Train is a family oriented camping club available to Ford Employees, their families, and the general public. There are two active units located in Buffalo, New York and Dearborn Michigan. Members of the Dearborn Unit of the Ford Wagon Train choose to camp together on the third weekend of every month starting in April and ending in October. All of these campouts are at campgrounds reasonably close to Dearborn, Michigan.

A typical campout begins on Friday night at 8:00 PM with a Welcome Wagon where campers can register and catch up with one another. Then it is time to relax around the many campfires. Activities for the children, including preps are ages 4-7, preteens are ages 8-12, and Teens are ages 13-16 are normally held during the day. Campers provide their own lunch on Saturday. A group dinner takes place at or around 5:00 PM Saturdays. The main dish is either provided by the club or pot luck, and families provide sides and desserts. At 7:00 PM the Family activity takes place (Bingo, Road Rallies, Races, and Hobo Pie Making) with campfires following. Sunday at 8:00 AM there is a traditional breakfast provided by the club and then it is time to break camp and travel home.