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The name of this organization shall be know as FORD WAGON TRAIN.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote good fellowship among its members and fellow campers.


Section 1:

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: All employees and retirees of Ford Motor Company, and the members of the immediate families of such employees or retirees, are members of the Association. All employees of past or present, Subsidiaries, former Divisions, or Partnerships, of the Ford Motor Company shall be eligible for Regular membership for as long as they are eligible for retirement under the Ford Motor Company retirement plan and/ or A/Z Plan eligible

Section 2:

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: We may accept members subject to Ford Wagon Train's general membership approval. Associate Membership is any person not covered by Section 1. This membership has the same rights and privileges as a Regular Membership.


The elected officers shall be Wagon-Master, Assistant Wagon-Master, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary.


Section 1

Wagon-Master shall take charge of all meetings, shall attend all executive board meetings and appoint all committees that are necessary.

Section 2

Assistant Wagon-Master shall assume the duties of Wagon-Master in his/her absence. He/she will secure campgrounds for the next year.

Section 3

The treasurer shall collect all membership fees and dues. He/she shall have charge of collecting and disbursing all moneys. He/she shall make disbursements only on authorization of the executive board. In addition the Treasurer will be responsible for the following reports:
The outgoing Treasurer shall be responsible for a Year End Treasurer's report at the change over meeting. The same report shall be included in the next monthly newsletter.
The outgoing Treasurer shall be responsible for completing all necessary tax and FERA financial forms, and for presenting the same to the entire Board at the change over meeting.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for completing a Treasurer's report covering the period from the change over meeting through September during the elections meeting in October.
Books to be audited and balanced before turning over to incoming Treasurer at the change over meeting.
Update membership list, based on dues collected, and turn over to incoming Wagon-Master and newsletter committee.

Section 4

Recording Secretary shall record all meetings and shall keep a current roll of all members. He/She must furnish to the executive board a monthly report of additions or deletions to the membership roll.

Section 5

Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for all club correspondence, maintain files of same, and send out all necessary mailings to membership. The Corresponding Secretary will be responsible for the monthly newsletter, only if there is no one to accept the standing committee position. The Corresponding Secretary will mail expressions of sympathy and get well/thinking of you cards when informed of illness or death of immediate family members (parents, spouse, siblings, children, grandchildren), of dues paid members of the Ford Wagon Train and all past Wagon Masters.

Flowers and/or monetary donations of a reasonable amount will be sent only to the current Executive Board members, and all past Wagon Masters when a death occurs in the immediate family. (parents, spouse, children)


All members shall display the official Ford Wagon Train insignia.

Section 2

This insignia must be removed from the unit when sold.


Section 1

This Constitution may be amended only at the annual meeting by vote of two-thirds majority of those present.

Section 2

All amendments to this Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary at least 90 days prior to the annual meeting.  The Recording Secretary shall then record and forward same to the By-Laws Committee.

Section 3

The By-Laws- Committee shall review and rule upon all properly submitted amendments.  All acceptable amendments must be published to the membership at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.


Section 1

Amendments to this Constitution shall become effective at the same time as the newly elected officers are installed.

Section 2

All persons having and holding Ford Wagon Train equipment and/or records must surrender same in the condition it was previously received to the newly elected officers at the change over meeting.

Section 3

Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall be used to decide all questions.


No amendments at this time.

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